Bespoke Kitchens Hampshire

Woodstock furniture was created in 1978, we opened our first showroom on Pakenham Street in North London of that year. When we first opened, we specialised in the manufacturing of solid maple mobile butchers’ blocks and then quickly expanded to making dressers and tables. Finally, we went into the production of solid timber kitchens using mainly maple and cherry woods for luxury and undeniable quality. We also expanded areas and now cover Hampshire and all surrounding towns and villages.

Your kitchen is the most commonly used room in any family home and serves many purposes, ranging from food preparation and storage and for hosting family events, entertaining and evening meals. If you’ve been guilty of overlooking this incredibly crucial part of your home or property, now is the time to change, a truly bespoke handmade kitchen is the solution. Here at Woodstock Furniture Hampshire, we have the many years of knowledge and experience needed to design and create your new kitchen. With attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, we ensure that your bespoke kitchen is visually stunning, elegant and highly practical so it can be enjoyed by you and your family for many years to come.

A truly bespoke kitchen can transform your home environment. Here’s why it is a solid investment for your family.

A Look to Reflect Your Personality & Lifestyle

First impressions count when you enter a kitchen. A truly bespoke kitchen allows you to enjoy a design that uses high-quality materials, clever colour schemes, innovative designs, and personal configurations where shapes and sizes are no longer an issue. Everything is tailored to your individual requirements and we can work with any available living space you may have. By having a bespoke kitchen, we are able to work with you from start to completion and look at design options which will enhance your interior and match any colour scheme you may have. We can help you when choosing the correct lighting to create an ambient, warm and relaxed atmosphere within the heart of your home or property.

Focus on Your Practical Requirements

When opting for a factory or ready-made kitchen, you will have a few options regarding features and dimensions and you will be limited on choice. The majority of kitchen companies that promote ‘bespoke’ are sometimes wrong and a misconception. What they offer is not truly bespoke or handmade. Opting for a bespoke kitchen with the right company will enable you to create a kitchen from scratch with plenty of storage tailored to your individual needs. A bespoke kitchen also helps you to prioritise your budget on the items that matter the most to you and your family, whether this means investing in a high-quality cooker, a double sink or space for a dishwasher. Even the small additions like a filter tap can make it feel more appealing and homely.

Increase Your Property Value

When it comes to selling your property, a truly bespoke kitchen will enhance your properties inner appearance and make it very appealing to buyers. A bespoke kitchen is elegant, visually stunning, high in quality and is extremely strong and durable requiring very little maintenance, which will most certainly increase the value of your property.

Here at Woodstock Furniture Ltd, we do not compromise on quality and pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers whilst putting their needs first. We believe that every client is unique, just like a bespoke kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your bespoke kitchen project and helping you turn your dream kitchen into a beautiful reality. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange an appointment. We cover all of Hampshire, London and numerous projects further afield.

Woodstock are proud to be sponsors of Natasha Allergy Research Foundation (NARF). This is a charity close to Woodstock’s managing directors, Andrew Hall, as Natasha was his God daughter. She was a beautiful young lady who had to deal with life threatening allergies her entire life and sadly Natasha passed away in due to an allergic reaction. To be taken from us so young is a tragedy but through the enormous strength of her parents ‘Natasha’s Law’ has been formed and a foundation to fund and support pioneering allergy research has been set up. The foundation will fund and bring together the greatest scientific minds to work on cures and better medicines and care for allergy sufferers. If you are able please show support and help create a world that is safe for all allergy sufferers everywhere:

We are excited to share with you our new rebrand. With our new logo we wanted to reflect our professionalism and craft. The singular line structure of the logo is reflective of the careful consideration that goes into every piece of furniture that we create and the bold reflects our strong past and current status in the market.
Our new strap line is: “Created by us. Inspired by you. Designed for life.” This conveys that we offer truly bespoke furniture for any room in the house using the finest craftsmanship. We inspire and create but more importantly we listen to our clients needs and wants.
Our new rebrand has freshened up our website and includes our brand promises to all of our clients, past, present and future.
Why be the same when you can be different? Here at Woodstock, different is all we do.






Kitchens that feature sweeping lines and gentle arcs are gathering momentum and becoming an increasingly
desired design style. Curved kitchen units provide an unusual focal point in a kitchen and a tactile appeal
that invites you to touch and feel its smooth design.  Sleek and curvy units are also a fantastically ergonomic
solution to designing a kitchen that feels inviting and comfortable to manoeuvre around for every member
of the family.



Curved kitchens are particularly well suited to open plan or broken plan living spaces as their soft appearance evoke a relaxed atmosphere and an uninterrupted flow which helps to blend the different ‘zones’. Equally smaller sized kitchens or awkward angles lend themselves to curves for the ideal answer.



Islands that embrace the curve appeal can bring a real wow factor to your kitchen. Be it a dramatic and expansive arc or simply a rectangular central island unit with rounded edges on both or either side, introducing subtle curves adds personality and elegance. Where ever you decide to introduce these sweeping lines, the result will undoubtedly be a kitchen of individuality, distinctive and envy of all.




If asked to picture a quintessential country kitchen, it’s safe to assume that most of us imagine a scheme dominated by woods and neutral colour combinations. While the traditional idea of a country kitchen will always remain timeless and enchanting, now more than ever, country dwellers are choosing to introduce unexpected hues into their rural abodes with welcoming splashes of colour that truly uplift a space.




While a fully saturated expanse can look incredible, the same energised effect can be achieved by adding even the subtlest touch of colour. This bespoke kitchen is a fantastic example of a country home that has introduced very gorgeous and on-trend shades of purple to the island and tiled splash-back. These colourful elements add a certain vibrancy to the delicate and mellow tones of the cabinetry, worktops and flooring for a scheme that reflect the owners personal style.




The same theme continues through to the boot room and utility space in this home, with the purple tones echoed in the cabinets, wall panelling and accessories. What is most wonderful about this style is how none of the traditional country charm has been lost, only enhanced by the use of colourful and unexpected accents. Here, colour and country marry beautifully to create a space bursting with originality and sophistication.

Urban kitchen design is the combination of clean-cut lines and crisp, uncluttered expanses to create striking silhouettes, a perfect backdrop to a cool modern space. Add a touch of personality and texture by combining streamlined cabinetry and furniture with pops of colour, interesting shapes and unique accessories for a distinguished urban look.



We have designed a New York loft feel with this project above. The elegant, snow white cabinets with traditional moulding detail on the doors and contrasting black handles make for a stunningly effective statement kitchen. The bookshelves above not only add additional storage but also provide the ideal opportunity of including pops of colour and character into this monochrome design.



From traditional cabinetry that embraces urban touches to high gloss and ultra-contemporary! This eye-catching kitchen, with highly minimal and fresh appeal epitomises an ultimate urban style. Adding bold colour accents both visible and cleverly concealed in to each cabinets interior, creates vibrancy and impact for a stylishly modern design.



Urban style spaces also tend to champion the latest and most innovative of technology. The project below truly illustrates this with its unique and extensive use of colourful LED lighting. Allowing customers to quickly transform this brilliant white space into an urban party kitchen at the touch of a button, mood lighting at its finest.


Muted calming colours in our homes evoke feelings of a relaxing and inviting room, sleek chic monochrome tones add an air of sophistication and bold pops of colour or metallic accents are all great ways to add warmth and personality.



But when you are considering investing in the ultimate luxury for your home – a bespoke kitchen designed to your own exacting desires, just how do you create a timeless look which won’t outdate, fall into a trend trap or become time-warped? Lighting is the answer. Cleverly concealed, mood creating, focussed or fading, lighting is the one area in which you can go to town and change the look, colour scheme and ambience of your kitchen at the flick of a switch.
The correct lighting with different levels of brightness can not only enhance smaller compact kitchens to appear more spacious, but equally dramatically change your kitchens look and allow you to set the mood.

Alongside the focus lighting on the main food preparation areas where good crisp lights are essential, you can also include accent lighting and ambience lighting, all operated individually for complete control. Accent lighting highlights points of interest in your kitchen, whereas ambient lighting can be achieved by adding LED strips to the under cabinets and island to create a floating effect and gentle attractive glow. Adding lighting inside your cabinets which can be activated as they open is another sleek and effective touch as well as being practical.



At Woodstock, we consider lighting to be just as important a consideration as the overall design of your kitchen and an essential reflection of your personality.



The beauty and sophistication of Modern Classic style lends a certain charm to a home and is a design we love most of all in our kitchens. Its enduring appeal no doubt lies in its simplicity, its elegance and the quintessential feeling the style evokes of an inviting home.

While our adoration for this timeless and distinguished style prevails, our own personality, quirks and tastes can still be seamlessly integrated for that true personal touch. This is where we step in. Designers at Woodstock are experts at creating outstanding kitchens each of which are unique and tailored to each customer’s specific personality.

Modern Classic kitchens typically feature uncomplicated cabinetry panelling and a paired back colour scheme. The kitchen above beautifully illustrates this yet its mix of materials, finishes and particularly the unique wooden tambour door, adds an interesting dimension of style and texture to the space.



Bold use of colour is a great way to bring an edgy appeal to a classic kitchen, as seen above. While the cabinetry with its uncluttered lines and glass insets are starkly modern, the salvaged island with its traditional marble work surface with distressed paint finish is reminiscent of another era. Salvaged pieces restored to your liking are another clever way to achieve the Modern Classic theme; this intelligent use of materials and blending of old and new really make a space feel as though it has that personal touch.


Modern Classic design allows us to achieve and incorporate the best of both worlds into our kitchens. Classic elements to a kitchen such as traditional stoves framed by handy wall cabinets and dresser like units such as the above, are firm favourites. However, as exciting new technology and evolving interior ideas come in to play, we want to give old classics a contemporary twist. Of course, of the minute trends come and go, so this theme offers the perfect medley to keep our kitchens unique, stylish yet timeless.

Inspired by cool, urban apartments and repurposed warehouses, the trend for industrial style interiors continues with clients embracing the ‘back to basics’ theme. While classic, shaker style kitchens will always remain a firm favourite, industrial design embraces exposed architectural features, mixed materials, and upcycling of past utilitarian treasures. Many of our bespoke projects have embraced this cool and contemporary style.

Streamlining cabinetry and creating uncluttered work expanses is the key to designing an Industrial style kitchen. Full height cabinets to maximise every space and combining the grain of natural woods and tactile materials like metal, concrete and stone returns our focus to what really is the essence of this style –  form and function.

Industrial doesn’t need to be cold and clinical, simply embrace all the property’s elements and enhance them. Taking architectural inspiration from existing features or simply visualising how to expand on the space available is our forte. Natural materials mixed with rich accent colours such as brushed copper and burnished gold, creates a striking and perfect inviting balance.

Embrace the pared back elegance and unapologetic attitude that portrays an effortless sense of space. We are always thrilled to interpret the elemental and fundamental, ensuring every kitchen we design is as unique as the owners themselves and homes they live in.