Modern Classic Furniture

Modern Classic Furniture



The beauty and sophistication of Modern Classic style lends a certain charm to a home and is a design we love most of all in our kitchens. Its enduring appeal no doubt lies in its simplicity, its elegance and the quintessential feeling the style evokes of an inviting home.

While our adoration for this timeless and distinguished style prevails, our own personality, quirks and tastes can still be seamlessly integrated for that true personal touch. This is where we step in. Designers at Woodstock are experts at creating outstanding kitchens each of which are unique and tailored to each customer’s specific personality.

Modern Classic kitchens typically feature uncomplicated cabinetry panelling and a paired back colour scheme. The kitchen above beautifully illustrates this yet its mix of materials, finishes and particularly the unique wooden tambour door, adds an interesting dimension of style and texture to the space.



Bold use of colour is a great way to bring an edgy appeal to a classic kitchen, as seen above. While the cabinetry with its uncluttered lines and glass insets are starkly modern, the salvaged island with its traditional marble work surface with distressed paint finish is reminiscent of another era. Salvaged pieces restored to your liking are another clever way to achieve the Modern Classic theme; this intelligent use of materials and blending of old and new really make a space feel as though it has that personal touch.


Modern Classic design allows us to achieve and incorporate the best of both worlds into our kitchens. Classic elements to a kitchen such as traditional stoves framed by handy wall cabinets and dresser like units such as the above, are firm favourites. However, as exciting new technology and evolving interior ideas come in to play, we want to give old classics a contemporary twist. Of course, of the minute trends come and go, so this theme offers the perfect medley to keep our kitchens unique, stylish yet timeless.