Our Approach


Quality & Choice

Our designers have a very wide range of knowledge on timbers so can advise you on the properties that various hardwoods offer and certain drawbacks or pros of certain timbers.

Whilst the majority of the work that we produce is manufactured in either timber or a timber derived material we are in no way limited to just that material. 

We take enormous pride in being able to offer our clients a truly bespoke service so that they can use a wide variety of luxury or unusual materials and finishes. We realise that we cannot be experts in every artisan field so that over the last 40 years we have established strong relationships with a network of craftsmen raging from blacksmiths, sheet metal workers, upholsterers & saddlers, gilt specialists to name a few to allow us to offer our clients access to an almost unlimited range of materials.


We work closely with a select few stone companies who we feel have the expertise and skill to match our furniture. With kitchens the main natural stone types we work with are granite, marble, limestone and quartzite.

If you decide to use a natural stone we recommend visiting the stone yard with you so that we can select the individual slabs, as variation from slab to slab can occur.

Another material that we also recommend is quartz. Although the actual material is made from approx. 90% natural quartz it is bound in a resin. The benefits of this material is that it’s harder than marble, stain resistant, depending on brand comes with a 10 year+ guarantee and also has very little colour difference from slab to slab.

We also offer our clients a composite worktop option, whether it’s using Corian or another plastic derived material.


We all know that our world has a finite amount of resources, resources that we are consuming far too quickly!

The question is what can we do to correct this imbalance?

At Woodstock we believe in sourcing certified timber from forests that have been responsibly and sustainably managed.

This small part hopefully helps to ensure a steady supply of timber for future generations to come and also helps preserve and sustain wildlife habitats. When you commission us, you’re not only receiving quality, bespoke furniture, but also you can have peace of mind – We only use suppliers who are members of certification schemes with full chain of custody accreditation.