10 Of the Best Country Kitchen Designs

Period Ideas Magazine

Painted kitchens are a wonderful way to dip into colour in the kitchen for an individual look. Add new interest by painting sections of the cabinetry leaving focus areas, such as an island, in a natural finish.

Finishing Line

Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine

Utopia’s guide to deciding upon the finish of your kitchen which is an important and challenging choice. Woodstock’s kitchen was selected to illustrate an ‘eclectic mix of Massa burr, European oak and walnut inlays.


Beautiful Kitchens Magazine

Stone adds a drama and natural beauty to your room that can’t be matched by other materials.

Great shopping ideas for your custom home project

Create a meeting spot in your culinary zone with this freestanding island which offers seating and a food prep area. Part of a bespoke kitchen, the unit is packed with storage space and provides a practical place for friends and family to spend time together.

Editor’s Choice

Kitchen and Bathroom Journal

Bespoke British furniture manufacturer Woodstock Furniture knows that the optimal view in your home is the garden so it makes sense to open up your kitchen living space to the outdoors with a wall of glazing.