Urban Glamour

In this penthouse, walls were removed to create a contemporary clean lined kitchen to create a backdrop to this open plan living space. At the fireplace social end of the room, we incorporated wine fridges and glass bar storage units.          

Curve Appeal

  Kitchens that feature sweeping lines and gentle arcs are gathering momentum and becoming an increasingly desired design style. Curved kitchen units provide an unusual focal point in a kitchen and a tactile appeal that invites you to touch and feel its smooth design.  Sleek and curvy units are also a fantastically ergonomic solution to

Colour in the Country

    If asked to picture a quintessential country kitchen, it’s safe to assume that most of us imagine a scheme dominated by woods and neutral colour combinations. While the traditional idea of a country kitchen will always remain timeless and enchanting, now more than ever, country dwellers are choosing to introduce unexpected hues into

Urban Appeal

Urban kitchen design is the combination of clean-cut lines and crisp, uncluttered expanses to create striking silhouettes, a perfect backdrop to a cool modern space. Add a touch of personality and texture by combining streamlined cabinetry and furniture with pops of colour, interesting shapes and unique accessories for a distinguished urban look.     We

Light up your Kitchen

Muted calming colours in our homes evoke feelings of a relaxing and inviting room, sleek chic monochrome tones add an air of sophistication and bold pops of colour or metallic accents are all great ways to add warmth and personality.     But when you are considering investing in the ultimate luxury for your home